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Hello Stranger

You say hello and I’ll say…..hello too! ‘Hello’ is a powerful word.  It’s only a little 5 letter word, but it can instigate a connection, a marriage, a lifelong friendship, a feeling of inclusion or simply cheer up someone’s day.  In fact, it’s so Goddam powerful that Adele made millions from it! Around £142 millionContinue reading “Hello Stranger”

Nelly the Irrelevant

‘You f@*#ing imbecile’, ‘honestly, you’re an absolute muppet Morrison!!!!’ My inner voice was hard at work berating me for my latest DIY debacle.  Let me set the scene.  After almost a year of manoeuvring like a Peekytoe crab around the guest bed to reach my makeshift desk for work, I decided it was time forContinue reading “Nelly the Irrelevant”

Tinkle Woes

I knew that it was coming, it was no real, big surprise. I clenched my cheeks, crossed my legs, and tightened up my thighs. The sensation had presented itself, on the last half of my run. It didn’t overly concern me, it was only a number 1. As I crowned the hill towards my house,Continue reading “Tinkle Woes”